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Black Holster
Camo Holster
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Zombie w/ mag pouch
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Brand: Gum Creek
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This product does not include the Vehicle Handgun Mount. It is the Standard Holster ONLY. To purchase the Vehicle Handgun Mount separately or as a package with a Standard or Concealed holster, please go here and select the standard or concealed option in the Holster Type drop down.


Tailored to fit most automatics and revolvers, our holster series features ambidextrous belt loops for quick attachment to our Vehicle Handgun Mount (GCC-UVHHM) for both convenience and easy left or right hand accessibility. This holster is compact, lightweight, and features an adjustable snap thumb break that can be quickly adjusted or completely removed if desired. The holster is available in many different sizes, so holster size will vary. Made in USA and comes with Lifetime Warranty like all our products.

These clearance holsters include the standard holsters without mag pouches and the Zombie Edition holsters with mag pouches. Limited supplies.


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Black Gray
Camo Tan
Zombie Limited Edition  

* Holster color may appear different in person than what is represented online.



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