Console Holster Mount

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Our universal Console Holster Mount attaches to the vehicle’s center console and is an easy way to keep your firearm accessible while in the vehicle. Great for those who conceal carry, travel, or just want a firearm within reach. The Console Holster Mount attaches to the center console in most vehicles by simply hooking under the plastic on the driver side of the console and then hooking under the bottom of the passenger side of the console for support. The straps and holster can be adjusted to position the firearm at the desired height. The holster, which is included, is attached to the panel using a high strength velcro and can be positioned at different angles to achieve the best position to draw the handgun. Holsters come in four sizes.

Please reference the Console Holster Mount sizing chart for more details.

Console Holster Mount Details:


  • Holster included and available in 4 sizes
    Click here to see Holster Size Chart
  • No tools required
  • No modifications to vehicle
  • Doesn’t interfere with driving
  • Easily move from one vehicle to another
  • Adjust firearm at desired height
  • Fits most vehicles with a center console
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Package Contents:
  • Console panel with adjustable straps and loop velcro for holster attachment


  • Holster, available in 4 sizes, with high strength hook velcro backing




You are responsible for knowing state laws regarding firearm carry in your vehicle. Gum Creek is not responsible for any legal issues that could arise from the use of this product. This includes firearm reciprocity, transporting, loaded/unloaded carry and open/concealed carry laws. We highly recommend having a State Firearm's License and to check your laws if you are unsure. Gum Creek is not responsible for any injury or death that may occur from the use of or while this product is in use, any improper handling/use of your firearm(s) in conjunction with our products or any possible scenario's resulting within your vehicle due to an accident, theft, arrest, discharge, etc. We also do not recommend using this product if your vehicle has airbags located in direct proximity to where the product is to be located. Gum Creek cannot assume or take responsibility for ones intention of buying our product or for how one may or may not use safe and responsible gun control measures. Use at own risk.