State Carry Laws

Do you know your state laws?

Listed below are a couple of websites that summarize each individual state law. Carry laws are frequently changing, so it is the responsibility of each person to consistently be aware of those changes. These references should not be considered legal advice; please consult an attorney if you need a legal explanation of any state law.

Summary of vehicle carry laws by state.

Right to Carry Laws by state including interactive reciprocity map to determine which states your carry permit is or is not recognized.


As you probably already know, carry laws can vary greatly depending on each state. Transporting your firearm in your vehicle is no different. Sometimes, the laws change as you cross state lines, so it is imperative that you remain knowledgeable of the state carry laws in which you’re traveling.

In most states, the Gum Creek standard vehicle mount holster is legal; however, a carry permit may be required. The concealed vehicle mount holster is available for those states whose law requires the handgun to be out of sight while traveling. There are still a few liberal states where neither would be legal. In those states, the carry laws render your legally owned firearm to be out of reach and/or useless if it is needed while in your vehicle.

We ask that our customers become familiar with their state laws, and know the carry laws of other states in which you may be traveling.

Which is legal in your state