What purpose was your Vehicle Mount created for?
Our vehicle mount was invented to provide concealed carry users a convenient, temporary place to store their firearm while driving. With a holster attached to our mount, the entire setup serves as a dedicated vehicle holster at all times. While many prefer to keep their weapon on their person while driving, this is also ideal, but many do not have that option based on their vehicle interior or it is very uncomfortable for long periods of time. Our mount is NOT intended as a place to permanently store your firearm and leave it unattended or left behind. It is a temporary storage place while driving and you then take it with you when exiting. Not only does is make driving more comfortable, but it also gives you immediate ready access to your weapon for self-defense. There is no product on the market today that is more readily accessible in the vehicle or provides natural movement, free of obstructions than where your weapon is on our mount. 

Why buy our Vehicle Mount and what sets us apart?
Like most any product, there is competition and other variations out there that now attempt to duplicate the location and idea of our original vehicle mount. What sets us apart however, is ours is the ONLY vehicle handgun mount that doesn't require drilling into your vehicle interior to install it! You can install our mount in seconds and remove it in seconds, and swap from vehicle to vehicle with no hassle. Not only that, but it's secure too. You also get a lifetime warranty, an American made product, and a company that stands behind what they make.

Will your Handgun Mount work on my vehicle?
Our vehicle mount is universal by design to fit most any car or truck and is not vehicle specific. The mount works on most vehicles due to there being a gap beneath the steering column for tilt steering. You want to look for this gap beneath your vehicle's steering column and make sure that the gap edge/lip is a 1/4 inch or less in thickness, in order for the top hook of our mount to attach. If this gap edge/lip is thicker than 1/4 inch, or it is covered with rubber or plastic, then you will need our Vehicle Mount Adapter accessory. Our adapter simply bypasses the gap entirely, to allow mounting to vehicles that have issues installing. Our vehicle mount mount adjusts from 6 3/4” to 13 1/2”, so please make sure your lower dash area is not too short or too long for the mount. If your vehicle is one of the few with a lower dash airbag, then we do not recommend this product.
Will your Vehicle Mount work with my firearm(s)?
Our Vehicle Mount will support any commonly sized firearm. The mount has a metal support bar sewn into the webbing that is firm and difficult to bend. It will support the heaviest of guns you would ever practically think of carrying. All you need is a holster that fits your firearm and you can attach it to our mount.
What type of holster can I use on your Vehicle Mount?
If not purchasing one of our Standard or Concealed holsters, any common size width holster will work, as long as it has a belt loop, belt clip or belt slots. The holster loop or clip needs to be on the side of the holster and in the center, like you would traditionally find on any OWB (outside-the-waistband) holster. Our mount has a strap that is used to attach the holster and it acts just like a pants belt would. You feed the strap through the belt loop like a pants belt. We also include a longer strap in the package for use with wider style holsters. We recommend using an ambidextrous OWB holster for use with our vehicle mount. If the holster you are using is not ambidextrous, than you will need to use an OWB holster with opposite sided draw than what you normally use. For example, if you are right handed, then you would use a left handed OWB holster on our mount for a right handed draw and vice versa. This is because when you attach the holster, it flips the holster side and reverses the draw. Holsters with double belt loops or snap loops, are not receommended as most do not work well. We also do not recommend you using a paddle holster or MOLLE style holsters.
What size holster do I need for my firearm?
Please reference our holster size charts. The charts for both our Standard and Concealed holsters can be located on each holsters individual product page. They are also listed on the left side of our website under the Information section.
My firearm is not listed in your Standard Holster Size Chart. Which holster size do I need?
All of our holsters are universal in design. Find a firearm already listed that closely matches the size of the handgun you wish to use. Under the steering column, it is not as noticeable or as much of a concern as it would normally be for a holster being carried on your person. Our holster sizes can usually accept a wide range of models, so you aren't constantly taking on/off different holsters if you carry more than one firearm or buying numerous holsters.
Is your Vehicle Mount legal?
In many states it certainly is. In a few states, it isn't. Those laws vary and they change over time. It is every gun owners responsibility to know their state laws regarding carrying a firearm. We recommend that you research which states around you allow vehicle carry and the laws pertaining those states, and plan ahead when traveling out of state. Do not believe everything you read from others on Internet gun forums. While some know what they are talking about, most do not. Do the research yourself. You can find a breakdown of gun laws by state on the NRA website by clicking here.
Is your Vehicle Mount with a standard holster considered Open or Concealed?
This depends on many factors of the vehicle being used, but usually it is considered Open as it is within plain sight when you know to look for it. It is harder to notice when it is situated between your legs while driving with the steering column over the top of the setup. It is much easier to notice when you are not in the driver's seat or are entering/exiting the vehicle. It also depends on the height of the vehicle, contour of the dash, color of interior and if you have tinted windows. We advise you have your firearm license when using our product no matter what state you live in.  We also make a Concealed Vehicle Holster as well, for those who desire their weapon to be out-of-sight by preference or if it is required to be concealed by the laws in their state.
Do all of your products come with a warranty?
Absolutely. You have a Lifetime Warranty that covers all craftsmanship and materials under normal use. We will repair or replace the product at no charge, including shipping the item back to you. The coverage applies to our Vehicle Mount, all holsters, adapters, etc.
Are your products made in the USA?
Yes. All of our products are made in the USA by hard working Americans.